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DECEMBER 25, 2020

If you’re working on the Instagram account boost and eager to know more about your account stats, which Instagram app didn’t provide, a good tool may be a great help to give you some insights and concentrate on your real true fans.

In this article, you can find out the answer of following questions:

  1. How to watch instagram story anonymously?
  2. How to view expired instagram story?
  3. Can I check on other’s Instagram story without showing on their viewer record?
  4. Can I know who block me on instagram?
  5. How to know who recently unfollow me?
  6. How to know who don’t interact with you anymore?
  7. Can I easily check out what’s my most popular posts/stories in the history?
  8. Can I find out who views my instagram stories more often?
  9. Is there any tool can help me operate my instagram account more efficiently?

These are main features you can get from the tool app: Ins Master

  1. Check on who is not following you back (Followers Analysis)
    To keep your instagram account clean, you can find out those “who isn’t following your back” and unfollow them right away in the app.
    You could also take advantage on other analysis data, like your daily new followers/unfollowers or find out who is your best follower on Instagram!
  2. All story viewers status in the history
    It archives your history stories, even if it’s out-dated. Check out the most popular/liked/commented stories and you can easily make a better shot next time!
  3. Watch Instagram Story anonymously
    At times, a small and unspoken problem may occur to some users that we don’t want someone knows we’re watching their stories. With Ins Master, you can do it without any effort! No more fake account and airplane mode trick!

Hope the information helped you!

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